Sheepskin rugs

Whether you want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere for cold winter days, or you just want to make your apartment or bedroom look more natural and welcoming, a sheepskin rug is a great addition for any home. Natural sheepskin rugs have many advantages and come with several health benefits – like the sheepskin rug items sold by Milabert the UK facing sheepskin webhop.

Sheepskin rugs are soft to the touch, warm, and create a truly intimate atmosphere whether you choose to place them in your bedroom or in front of a fireplace. Their wonderful natural colour will lighten up and embellish your favourite room. Interior designers have never considered sheepskin rugs a fashion faux pas mainly because they look just as good in a modern home as in a traditional one or distinguises casual clothes from formal dress.

While some people use sheepskin rugs for decorative purposes only, others prefer to use it as a blanket because of their anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Natural sheepskin rugs are chemical-free and contain no dyes or other harmful substances. In fact, natural sheepskin contains beneficial microbes that can prevent the development of asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Similarly, babies that sleep on sheepskin are believed to develop a stronger immune system, grow faster and cry less as sheepskin has a comforting effect on them. Women have been using sheepskin to cover their babies and protect them from the cold since biblical times and some continue to do so even today.

Wool and sheepskin are known as a “natural thermostat” because wool fibres “breathe” and are able to regulate the body’s temperature and absorb moisture. In addition, sheepskin is very gentle on the human skin both because of the fluffiness of wool and because of the Lanolin contained by sheepskin.

Lanolin is known to repel dirt and bacteria, and it is a secretion produced by wool bearing animals. Lanolin is used for the protection and healing of sensitive skin. It is also believed to reduce inflammation and ease skin irritations.

Given its hypoallergenic properties, sheepskin rugs will not trigger asthma attacks in people already suffering from asthma. Sheepskin has been used with success in hospitals as well. Sheepskin draws moisture away, thus, preventing bacteria to thrive on the skin and offers relief for people with sensitive skin. It also provides relief for patients suffering of arthritis and hip displacement.

Unlike synthetic fibres, a sheepskin rug will not give off electrical charges, and it is capable of absorbing moisture and submit it into the air much faster than any synthetic material.

Thus, apart from its aesthetic functions, sheepskin rugs also contribute to our wellbeing and improve the quality of our lives.

Whether you choose to purchase a sheepskin rug for ornamental purposes or you would like to use it as a blanket, you will surely be enchanted by its soft texture and natural feel. In addition to being pleasing to the eyes and soft to the touch, sheepskin rugs are also a natural home accessory that will be kind to your skin and health. Don’t forget to appreciate their true value and always purchase ethically sourced sheepskin rugs.