Dental holidays

Why choose Hungary for your dental treatment?

Going abroad for any kind of treatment is popular. Think of plastic surgery patients going to private clinics in a foreign country for several reasons. Dental holiday makers are equally willing to take the challange a visit to a dentist abroad may pose.

A flight overseas locations is not a matter nowadays – everyone can book a flight and reserve a suitable hotel room for their stay. Privacy and prices of dental treatment are another factor that you may consider when deciding over this more and more popular option. Take Hungary for one – Budapest offers affordable treatment costs, dental clinics provide prime quality service using the the best possible material to restore the healthy smile. Hungary enjoys a good reputation among dental patients – apart from a few glistches that might happen elswhere this country has a lot to offer: well-equipped clinics, well trained staff to support professional cosmetic dentists to perform high-quality dentistry work.

What is the dental work procedure like?

It is not uncommon that the private clinics help patients organise the whole dental tour – they assist with bookings for flights and hotel rooms as well as setting up transfers to and from the Budapest airport and they often cooperate with other, non surgical activities like sightseeing, shopping etc.

Statistics have shown that patients go and visit their Hungarian dental surgeons for a good reason: they save up 60% of their dental costs and they can drink in the beauties of a wonderful city that is a popular place among tourists from all over the world: Ireland, UK, Austria, Germany and Italy are the major sending countries.

Is Budapest worth a visit?

Definitely – The price advantage, privacy of the clinics, the friendly atmosphere of a buzzling city may all contribute to the success of a dental holiday performed in the heart of Europe. Cheap budget flights make the the country accessable and provide an opportunity to experience the famous Hungarian hospitality and dental care professionalism.

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