Hot report reviews

Anything worthy writing about would appear here. Good things about culture, countries, people and subculture. The aim is to give some surface to those things that might interest people of a wider range and deserve the hot report treatment as such.

Society issues like health sytems, prevention or cure are featured but politics associated with them is completely ignored. Drugs, sex and rock-and-roll will be interpreted loosely – so addiction of any kind filters in as part of our awarness campaign.

Legal issues may be a part but religion is touched mariginally – in order not to hurt people’s feelings and not to generate debates in our articles that migh fuel contradictions and anger.

Sport and gambling is another area we would like to publish articles for. Popular culture like music, sport events and free gambling tips are all part of our entertainment section. Sources to gather information include a free slots guide, an online pokie guide and a sports blog. For a complete online casino guide visit the site.

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Culture is important – different folks of all continents, young people’s culture as well as eldery people’s customs, behaviour or anything related to them.

In many cases we try to illustrate cases with images where-ever possible and we give links to good sources that cover the topics in full or are of interest related to the topic itself.